5/25-26/2011 – Days 49 & 50 – Nag’s Head, NC to Frederick, MD – 300 Miles

5/25 – Day 49

We were up and on our way fairly early.  The peat smoke was thick again this morning and we’re anxious to get away from it.  We gassed up and headed back up the Outer Banks, sorry to leave this beautiful area, but not sorry to leave the sweltering heat and stifling smoke.

Soon were were back on the mainland and headed up through Chesapeake, around Norfolk and Newport News, beside Williamsburg and Richmond and close to our nation’s capitol.

As we approached the “Beltway” around DC, the traffic became heavier and heavier.  Finally we decided it didn’t make sense to try to circumnavigate WDC at breakup time and took an offramp to Alexandria, near Mt. Vernon.

We found a Comfort Inn nearby and made a reservation.  When we arrived at what we usually expect to be basic, serviceable lodging, we discovered a building with granite lions guarding the entrance, and a lobby filled with bronze and marble sculptures.

After checking in, we walked past more statuary to an inner courtyard filled with additional sculptures.  We found out the artwork belongs to the owner of the motel who wanted a place where his acquisitions could be enjoyed.  We did!

When we got hungry, I looked on Yelp for a place to eat, and found a good Mexican restaurant which filled the bill, and our tummies.

We retired to our art-filled abode for a sound night’s sleep, looking forward to moving on to Frederick, Maryland and visiting with more family tomorrow.

5/26 – Day 50

We were up and on our way, timing it so we avoided the morning commuters.  A little over an hour later we were driving down an exciting driveway and into the Tavenner “Compound”.  Liesel, our grand-niece, welcomed us along with her cute little rat terrier “Finley.”  We got the trailer parked in a safe place, got settled in, and then Liesel and Mike Tavenner, her husband, took us to downtown Frederick for lunch.  Afterward we walked a few blocks to a small, street corner establishment which featured ice cream as well as fudge, soft-serve, and Italian ices.  Our kind of place.

Then Liesel took us to the local Kaiser medical center to pick up some prescriptions while Mike was joined his father to take care of some business.

In the evening we got better acquainted with Mike’s parents, Doug and Joanne, and had fun playing some of Mike & Liesel’s many board games.

Finally, we hit the sack after a very full, busy and enjoyable day.

Parked At The Tavenner's

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