6/20/2011 – Day 75 – Newcastle, WY to Casper, WY – 194.9 Miles

After a surprisingly quiet night in the Newcastle Fountain Motor Inn, we awoke to find that the skies were still gray, it was drizzling, and we needed to find someplace to provide us with breakfast.

NOTE:  This motel obviously caters to a slightly different clientele than the establishments we are accustomed to.  Inside our room were several signs suggesting guidance about activities we had never considered.  Such as:  “DO NOT USE SINKS, TUBS OR TOILET FOR TRASH (or other inappropriate items)”.  Ponder the possibilities for misconstruing that statement.  I shudder to think.  One sign provided a masterful example of stating the obvious, although perhaps not necessarily for the intended audience:  “PLEASE PUT THE SHOWER CURTAIN INSIDE OF THE TUB WHEN YOU SHOWER SO THAT THE WATER DOESN’T RUN OUT ON THE FLOOR.”  Makes sense to us.  There was also a third, computer printed sign scotch taped to the mirror above the desk.  Its message was so bizarre and unexpected that I took a picture of it.  See for yourself at the bottom of this message.

We left our “instructional” motel and drove to downtown Newcastle for breakfast at Donna’s Diner.  The place was packed, but we found a table in back and enjoyed a very basic but tasty meal.  The helpings were generous and the price was reasonable.

Then, while Diana investigated the local antique shops, I took a rivet which had broken off one of our folding camp chairs and tried to find something to replace it at the local hardware store.  Though the store was small, it was very well stocked and after sorting through many little drawers of nuts and bolts, I bought bolts, washers and wing nuts I hope will work.  I’ll report later on the success or failure of my repair job.

We punched Evanston, WY into the GPS and began driving down Highway 85.  At Lusk we turned west, drove through Douglas (home to the Wyoming state fair), and on to Casper, a large and bustling oil town in the center of the state.

Diana did a little more thrift shopping while I made a room reservation at a quaint motel called “C’mon Inn” we had seen on the outskirts of town.  Then we drove to the location of another thrift shop downtown, but Diana couldn’t find anything at the address.  Meanwhile, I had gone to the huge Wells Fargo Bank across the street to get some cash with my new temporary ATM card.  It didn’t work, and the machine told me I was using an incorrect PIN number.  I walked inside the bank to ask for assistance and was directed to the “Personal Banker” section.  There were two PB’s there, both with customers, so I put my name in the book and sat down.  18 minutes later the two PB’s were still chatting away with the same customers without any signs of finishing anytime soon.  No one else in the bank seemed capable of assisting me.  When Diana finally came in to see what was keeping me we made a mutual decision to leave.  What a different experience from the bank in Sheboygan!

We drove to our motel and checked in.  The “C’mon Inn” is a rustic-appearing lodge type structure built with logs.  It has a covered interior courtyard with waterfalls, and indoor pool, and FIVE hot tubs.  This is a significant step up from yesterday’s lodging!  (There were no signs in our room, either!)

Diana and I decided to treat ourselves to dinner at the Olive Garden, and after a delicious meal we retired to our room for rest and relaxation.  Tomorrow we shall attempt to complete our Wyoming crossing.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

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