6/23/2011 – Day 78 – Salt Lake City, UT to Winnemucca, NV – 350.2 Miles

We were up and on our way by 10:00 a.m. and enjoying the clear day.  We drove around Salt Lake and the Salt Flats, stopping at the rest stop near the Bonneville Salt Flats measured mile where land speed records are set.

We paused at Wendover, Wells, Elko, Battle Mountain and ended up at Winnemucca.  The desert was amazing.  Instead of the usual brown and dusty vistas, we enjoyed green and yellow views over the miles.  The sagebrush was lush.  So was the manzanita.  The main dominant color on all sides was green.  I’ve been through this area many times and never seen it this way.  The spicy aroma of sage assaulted our senses and the splashes of yellow Black Eyed Susan’s and mustard contrasted with the varying shades of verdant green on all sides.

We found a place to stay in Winnemucca, with a complete kitchen, grabbed some food at a nearby Raley’s Super Store, and got ready to spend possibly our last night on our Lap Around America.

The sky was beautiful at sunset, the flying saucer shaped clouds gradually turned pink, orange and gray as the sun set.  You can’t beat the crystal clear desert skies for delivering sensational sunsets.

We will probably make it home tomorrow.  The end of a trip which introduced us to places we’d never seen, places we’d only heard about, and surprises along the way.  But wait, there’s more — who know what tomorrow may bring?

I’m pretty sure what tomorrow will bring.  My husband got the bit in his teeth in Wyoming.  We have been moving fast ever since.  I can’t complain because Steve lets me check out any thrift stores I see.  It is an educational experience to see the stores–where they are and aren’t.  We have been through many towns which can’t support anything, even a thrift store.

(It’s really hard to talk with a bit in my teeth…)

The 2011 Nevada desert - green is in style!

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2 Responses to 6/23/2011 – Day 78 – Salt Lake City, UT to Winnemucca, NV – 350.2 Miles

  1. Darlene Dickinson says:

    Almost home and I have really enjoyed the journey. And the really cool part is that it didn’t cost me a dime; I didn’t eat any horrible or strange food; and I didn’t have to stop in even one thrift store (sorry Diane!). But I am happy for you and your new-found treasures. Also happy that the good Lord kept you safe and mostly out of trouble.

    • chppio says:

      Glad you came along for the ride, Darlene! And despite your comment, I know you and Eldon have had many traveling adventures of your own. Hey, you guys are our role models!! Thanks also for the good wishes — we were blest to have such a safe and enjoyable trip.

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