6/22/2011 – Day 77 – Little America, WY to Salt Lake City, UT – 180.3 Miles

After a restful night in Little America, we loaded up and jumped back on I-80.  We stopped in Evanston in search of thrift or antique shops, but in vain.

We continued on into Utah and over to Park City in hopes that we could find the antiques stores we remembered enjoying there.  The locals we talked to said the one really good store had closed.  We stuck around town long enough to grab a snack, and then pressed on to Salt Lake City.

Here Diana did get to inspect the merchandise at a couple of larger thrift shops but didn’t find anything that interested her.

Then we headed to “The King’s English” a bookstore of some renown.  Diana can carry on from here.  I read the book by the same title as the store a few years ago.  For book lovers the book gives a lot of insight into the independent book sellers dilemma.   The book store owner tells stories about the cutthroat business that makes “You’ve Got Mail” a lot more real.  I remember once when she had to have a restraining order to keep B & N spies to keep from coming into the store to get her inventory info.  Since she and her literati employees do lots of reading to select the best books, it is obvious that the big book stores wanted to take shortcuts.  I also remember her examples of big book stores taking Salman Rushdie’s books off shelves while independent book stores put them in the windows.  This was during the time when the extremist muslims put out a hit on the author.  Obviously the story was used as an example of why independent book stores are so important to free speech.

The book store is just as good as promised.  I strongly suggest that any readers who go through SLC visit the store.  While we were there a local children’s author, Dean Hale and his wife, Newbury Award Winning author Shannon Hale, were there to introduce his new book “Scapegoat: The story of a goat named Oat and a chewed-up coat.”  They  brought along a very cute black and white goat.  Of course, there were many children and parents present to hear him read his book and meet him.  “The King’s English” has authors, including Pulitzer winners, making personal appearances constantly!  Authors support the store because the store supports authors–even new ones.  The King’s English staff thoroughly review books.  The store is like a jewelry box filled with inventory from Tiffany’s.  Wherever we turned, Steve and I found great books.  I only bought two.  But I’ve got a lot on my wish list!

I agree with Diana.  The bookstore was chock full of books with people coming and going constantly.  The staff was knowledgable, friendly, and truly interested in helping you select books you would enjoy.  What a great place!

After leaving The King’s English, we found our motel on the west side of SLC, and settled in for the night.  Tomorrow we will wend our way to Wendover and points west.

Our view of the snow-covered Rockies from Little America

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2 Responses to 6/22/2011 – Day 77 – Little America, WY to Salt Lake City, UT – 180.3 Miles

  1. kit says:

    That book store sounds fabulous. You ought to look around the Berkeley bookstores the next time you’re about. I assume you’ve visited Powell’s City of Books in the fair city of Portland, right? 🙂

    • chppio says:

      If I can get your mother to leave the Berkeley architectural salvage yards for an hour or two, I’ll take her to the bookstores! And we have spent some time at Powell’s in Portland. Great place!

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