6/21/2011 – Day 76 – Casper, WY to Little America, WY – 273.9 Miles

We enjoyed our night’s rest at the C’mon Inn and appreciated the complementary full breakfast.  Afterward we spent some time enjoying the big Koi pond in the middle of the covered courtyard.  We could get used to this!

We reluctantly left our comfortable cocoon, and started on our way.  We did fill up the gas tank at a nearby station at $3.35 9/10 a gallon!  We also detoured into Casper so Diana could peruse a couple of thrift shops.  She found a few small items to her taste.

Today was a beautiful Wyoming day with a blustery wind and blue skies filled with puffy white clouds.  With the prairie unusually green because of the strange weather this year, and washed with color from thousands of yellow wildflowers, driving through all that was a delicious experience and it was easy to spot antelope beside the road as we traveled along.

We stopped at Independence Rock where wagon trains would also stop and rest on their way to California and Oregon.  Diana and I had been here before, probably 20 years ago.  Back then you could climb on the rock and read the names and dates scratched in the sandstone more than 100 years ago.  Now it’s all fenced off and hard to get close to.  Still, there’s a certain feeling you get looking at that rock and imagining all those hopeful people on that rigorous journey looking at the same rock.  It makes you appreciate this country and the opportunities we have because of those brave, adventurous people.

We drove on through Rawlins and Wamsutter, Rock Springs and Green River; towns with names very familiar to me because as a boy I lived here and traveled all these roads, lived in all those towns.  Being here always brings back wonderful memories and actually makes me homesick, in a way.  A nice way.

We stopped at Little America, an oasis in the middle of nowhere, got a room, had dinner, and enjoyed the magnificent view to the southeast of the snow covered Rockies.  We may be on our the last few days of our trip, but we’re certainly still enjoying the ride and savoring every minute!

Under Wyoming Skies at the Independence Rock rest stop.

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