6/10/2011 – Day 65 – Paradise, MI to Marquette, MI – 180.1 Miles

Today we slept in and fiddled around at the motel.  We didn’t leave Paradise until after 11:00!  We drove south on Hwy 123 and west on Hwy 28 to the town of Munising and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  The unusual formations of the sandstone at the edge of Lake Superior are caused by the different materials in the layers.  As they have weathered they have “dripped” down the face of the exposed sandstone and look very much like someone dribbled paint on it.

The erosion on the sandstone cliffs has also created some odd shapes.  One of them is called Miner’s Castle because the shapes resemble castle fortifications.

We spent time learning about the area and then drove for a look at Miner’s Castle.

Both of us continue to fight the feeling that we are at the ocean.  Lake Superior is so big that any thought of it being a fresh water lake go right out the window.  The relatively calm water is about the only clue that it isn’t the Atlantic or Pacific.

After a picnic lunch, we continued west on Hwy 28 past Grand Island, AuTran Bay, and Harvey, finally ending up in Marquette, a town of just over 20,000 people on the shore of Lake Superior.  (On the way, Steve stopped so I could collect some rocks on non-park shoreline.  I had looked at books on rocks of the area.  I found some very interesting purple ones.)

We pulled into our motel, checked in, ate dinner at a nearby restaurant, and watched an episode of “Antiques Roadshow” on the iPad before turning in.  Tomorrow it’s into more uncharted territory as we head to Wisconsin, the home of the teardrop mothership! (And the summer home of Jim and Carol Van Houten.)

P.S.  We forgot to mention yesterday that from our window we could see the far shore to the east with dozens of wind turbines on it.  We found out Canada has at least 200 large wind turbines there and a large solar project in the planning stages.  At night the blinking red lights of the far off wind turbine towers created an eerie glow on the horizon.


S&D in front of Miner's Castle and Lake Superior.

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1 Response to 6/10/2011 – Day 65 – Paradise, MI to Marquette, MI – 180.1 Miles

  1. Lettie Ann Van Houten Shriver says:

    Hi Jim Van Houten, my name is Lettie Ann. My maiden is Van Houten and i came aross this picture of you and you look very much like a half brother who i have not seen in 65years, if you have a mother named Shirley and a Father name Jerry could you please contact me. Thank you

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