6/9/2011 – Day 64 – Sault Ste. Marie, MI to Paradise, MI – 120.7 Miles

Today is our 43rd anniversary.  It doesn’t seem like we’ve been together that long.  We are so grateful for our love and all that it has brought us (including our baby boy!).  We will celebrate the day by doing exactly what we have been doing for the last two months — continuing our road trip, meeting interesting people, seeing things we’ve never seen before, and most importantly, sharing the experience with each other, which makes every experience even better!  And thanks to all our Facebook “Friends” who sent congrats our way — we appreciate the nice comments!

We were up and out after waking up to another overcast and very cool day.  We drove to Riverside Cemetery, located and photographed the gravestones of several Eagle family members.  Diana’s father’s mother was and Eagle, and she is interested in getting more details on that side of her family.

When she had called the cemetery to ask for the locations of the graves, the person she talked to knew right were the plots were.  He also volunteered that Carl Eagle still cared for the graves of his parents and grandparents.

We found Mr. Eagle’s phone number and address and Diana spoke with him on the phone last night and asked if we could stop by so she could talk to him about the Eagles.  He was willing to let us come by, so she made an appointment for 1:00 p.m..

After we finished at the cemetery we had a little time to kill, so we drove back into Sault Ste. Marie so Diana could investigate the local Goodwill store.  I stayed with the car and trailer.  While I was waiting, several people stopped to look at the teardrop, and one lovely couple spent about 20 minutes looking at the trailer and then giving us suggestions on where we should got next and what we should do when we got there ( We really enjoyed visiting with them.

At 1:00 p.m. we drove into the Eagles driveway.  Their home is located in a rural area south of town.  We met a surprisingly young looking Carl (he’s in his 80’s) and his wife, sat down at the dining table, and Diana and he compared notes and information on families.  The Eagles books they had were much newer and more complete than Diana’s and even contained pictures of her and her family in it! (Now we have to find and buy those.)

We had a great time chatting, and made sure they had our contact information in case they get out our way.  They told us their daughter worked at the tourist information center near the international bridge, so we made plans to stop there on the way out of town.

On the way to the center we stopped at Clyde’s Drive Inn, a little place alongside the river, next to the ferry port and had what Diana and I both feel was the best chocolate malt either of us had ever had.  If you’re ever in Sault Ste. Marie, check ‘em out!

We met the Eagle’s daughter, introduced ourselves and left with another new friend, and an armful of maps and guides.

As instructed, we decided we would visit Tahquamenon (rhymes with phenomenon) Falls State Park and see the lower and upper Tahquamenon Falls.  We drove along Lake Superior and although the route calls itself a scenic, we caught very few glimpses  of the lake.  The forest alongside both sides of the road was lovely, but not exactly what we had expected.  (For those of you who have been on the road to Hana, you know what we mean.)

The falls were nice.  These falls are the 2nd largest falls east of the Mississippi after Niagara Falls.  The water is a dark brown color because of the tannin which leeches out of the plants upriver.  That gives the water a depth and dimension that is very pretty.  There were very few other tourists on the roads or trails — we pretty much had the place to ourselves except for a trio we kept running into.  The young woman is a city planner from the SF Bay area. (Yes, she knows Omega Salvage.) She was in Michigan to take her parents from Detroit site seeing.  They love to travel and we had a lot in common.

It was getting late when we drove back through Paradise, MI, so we found a Best Western motel right on the shore of Lake Superior, and got a room.

It was a memorable day for many reasons, not the least of which was being able to celebrate 43 years together.  That was really special!

Diana with her "kin," 80-year-old Carl Eagle.

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2 Responses to 6/9/2011 – Day 64 – Sault Ste. Marie, MI to Paradise, MI – 120.7 Miles

  1. jakki says:

    What a fun anniversary to add to your collection! We’re so glad you’re continuing to adventure and meet new people and see new things. Thanks for keeping us posted!

    • chppio says:

      Thanks for remembering our anniversary, and for the encouragement. We’re glad you’re getting a chance to read our blog once in a while. We’ll try to keep up the traveling and meeting and blogging for at least a few more weeks!

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