6/11/2011 – Day 66 – Marquette, MI to Three Lakes, WI- 128.8 Miles

It rained overnight, but was just spitting as we left Marquette and headed south.  We have now ventured as far north as we will on this trip.

We drove through mostly forest with the occasional lake and/or river thrown in.  When we stopped at a gas station/convenience store for a pit stop, a group of gentlemen with boats were peering at our teardrop so we showed it to ‘em.  They were favorably impressed.  (I am beginning to believe that in this part of the world every pickup truck comes with a fishing boat attached.  Really!)

We talked to Jim Van Houten on the phone and he directed us to their church where we were just in time for potluck.  An old colleague of Diana’s, Ellsworth Moses was also there and we all had a good time talking.  Other visitors at the church included a couple from Monument Valley, AZ who took a close look at our trailer.  They were very interested because they felt it fit their needs perfectly.

After lunch we followed Jim and Carol back to their place in Three Lakes.  We had to travel down several twisty roads and through forests before we arrived at their lakefront property.  After relaxing for a while, we hopped in their boat for a tour through several of the lakes accessible from their location.

For those of you who know the name Sam Campbell, what we did next will be of special interest to you.  Sam, and his wife Ginny, wrote many books in the 1940‘s and 1950‘s all based on the cabin they lived in on an island in this area.  The books focused on their interaction with the wild animals they encountered and as a child I (Steve) loved the books, and even got to meet the author when I was about 10 years old.

Jim and Carol’s place is fairly close to that island, and our cruise included a lap around the island with opportunities to gaze upon the cabin and environs.

Then Jim landed the boat at a remote location and we started hiking along what the state of Wisconsin has dubbed the Sam Campbell trail.  We didn’t see any larger animals, but we did spot a nesting pair of Osprey flying around and landing on their nest.  The hike, the woods and the company were terrific.

We retraced our steps, jumped into the boat and while munching on cheese and crackers provided by Carol, we were treated to a tour of two Bald Eagle nests in the vicinity as well as a view of a private island once owned by the CEO of the Brinks Company.  First class dining and travel!

We returned to the Van Houten’s abode and chatted some more while Jim prepared a delightful dinner.  He is a many-talented individual, and we are benefiting from many of his talents.  (Carol & I went to get ice cream at Lick A Dee Splitz for ice cream to go with peach pie from a favorite bakery of theirs.  It was a delightful place.  I told them that compared to where I’ve been lately, Three Lakes is the middle of civilization.)

We were feeling pretty tired and realized that we have slipped back into Central time even though our bodies are still convinced we are in the Eastern time zone.  We took our leave and settled in for the night with full tummies and happy memories of a great day.

Sam Campbell's Island Cabin -- The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of!

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