Well, it was an “interesting” day, to say the least.  Getting everything packed, stowed and secured took much longer that we expected.  We were kinda out of practice and we were also trying to pare down our stuff.

After a few hours, we started to hook up the trailer.  When I plugged in the connector for the lights and electric trailer brakes, Diana and I both heard a strange, high-pitched buzzing.  At first we thought it was from somewhere outside, but then realized it was coming from somewhere ON or IN the trailer!

After determining it was indeed related to the connection, it slowly dawned on me that the sound we were hearing was the trailer’s brakes activating without anyone pushing on the pedal.  Needless to say, in the interests of fuel economy if nothing else, this needed to be fixed!

I spent the next couple of hours at U-Haul where the hitch and wiring had originally been installed.  They poked and prodded and fiddled and finally announced that it was fixed.  And it was!

However, it was just too late to begin driving south, so we decided to regroup at our home base and begin again bright and early (well, EARLIER, anyway!) tomorrow.

Adventure postponed, momentarily — hey, we’ve got time!

Our Forester on the examination table.

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1 Response to Oops!

  1. Darlene Dickinson says:

    Sometimes tumbleweeds roll along, and sometimes they don’t. Depends on the winds. We are expecting some high winds today. Hope they will be at your back as well.

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