4/10/2011 – Day Four – Lake Havasu City

After yesterday’s disaster, we decided to spend one more day here and take in some of the sights we missed.

First, we rode our bikes to the boat racing venue and strolled around the nice displays of racing boats and boating toys.  There was a fairly large crowd and many beautiful watercraft to ogle.  We enjoyed the sights and managed to avoid buying that particularly tempting all-wood Chris-Craft replica at a mere $360,000.00.

We rode back to camp and drove to the London Bridge.  It was fun to look at and realize that it used to cross the Thames.  It is a graceful structure and doesn’t seem too out-of-place in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

After a walk along the canal with a little people watching thrown in, we snacked on some shave ice and then drove over the bridge and around the island beyond.

Back at camp we enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere (peaceful, that is, when there weren’t any LOUD motorboats snarling around the lake — which wasn’t all that often), napped, and prepared a pasta feast which we devoured while sitting at lake’s edge.

This was a day which was throughly relaxing and a fine example of what we hope the majority of this trip will be like.

Diana’s Comments:  I would like to compare the London Bridge at Lake Havasu to part Dubai (the very expensive boats and tanned over-testosteroned men), part Santa Cruz (the students and shops), Part Venice (the canal), and part London (the bridge and octogenarian in a cod piece and nary else). Steve thinks I need to explain.  I don’t think so.

The London Bridge & Us

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1 Response to 4/10/2011 – Day Four – Lake Havasu City

  1. Ken says:

    Tho unknown at this juncture of forthcoming evente(shall I sing ,London Bridges falling down ,falling down ) sorry couldn’t help myself. pray the sire future events are going to be much better

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