4/12/2011- Day Six – Flagstaff to Homolovi Ruins – 77.6 Miles

After a pleasant night at the Flagstaff (got it right!) RodeWay Inn & Suites, refreshed and showered, we drove east about an hour to Meteor Crater.  This is a place I’ve (Steve) always been interested in. In fact, my visit meant I got check off another box on my bucket list!

We looked around the very detailed museum, touched the largest remaining piece of the original meteor which made the crater, and then joined the walking tour along the crater’s rim.

Our guide has been doing this tour for over 20 years and provided colorful details of the early history of the discovery, ownership and definitive identification of the cause of the crater. We only got to walk around a quarter of the crater, but it was an hour well-spent.

We had a late lunch at the on-site Subway sandwich shop and perused the commodious gift and rock shop before we finally dragged ourselves away from this phenomenal natural attraction. If you are ever in the area, budget a few hours for a visit — you won’t regret it.

As we began to motor east we realized that it was really too late to pay the petrified forest a visit today, so Diana looked in our old “Best RV & Tent Campgrounds in the U.S.” book and found a listing for the Homolovi Ruins state park located just two miles east of Winslow. It sounded interesting, and has a campground, so after about 20 miles, we turned off at exit 257 and entered the park. After checking in with the ranger and paying for a space, (“Lots of available spaces — take your pick!”) we took a hike around a petroglyph site before choosing space 43.

There isn’t anyone within 100 yards of us, and the noise of I-40 is a very faint woosh that we prefer to think of as the ocean. The sites come equipped with electricity and water, luxuries our campsites don’t usually include, and feature hot and cold running water in the bathrooms which also include showers.

After an al fresco dinner, we spent the evening catching up the blog — which we hope you are all enjoying — reading, and watching a delicious, subtly colored sunset.

Tomorrow we’ll explore the Anasazi ruins near our campsite. In the meantime it’s off to bed safe and comfortably out of reach of the “venomous reptiles and insects” that evidently share our space here.  I’m shutting the door now. Goodnight!

Teetering on the meteor crater rim

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1 Response to 4/12/2011- Day Six – Flagstaff to Homolovi Ruins – 77.6 Miles

  1. Ken Sheridan says:

    Darn we were nthe area of the meteor strike but never went there. You will like the Anasazi ruins,try climbing up the wall with the hand holes gouged out of Enjoy

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