4/16/2011 – Day 10 – Hyde Memorial State Park to Santa Fe – 10 Miles

We awoke, warm and cozy, to bright sunshine and bird songs.  There was no snow, but if we had been near a pond, I suspect we could have done some ice skating.

Diana and I had decided the night before that because of the chilly weather we would break camp early and eat in town.  We also had a room reserved for tonight at a Quality Inn.  So, after bidding Rick farewell and good luck, we drove back down into Santa Fe.

It was warmer in town, but not near summer temperatures.  We parked in a city lot near the plaza. Before we could get out of the lot, a man came up to talk about the teardrop (we gave him a brochure) and the lot attendant had to call his boss to see if we could park in two spaces.  We could.

We walked across the street and ate a killer breakfast at the Hotel St. Francis dining room.  Then we strolled around old town and enjoyed people watching and the range of street musicians and performers who were out in force.  One of the performers — playing an indian flute — turned out to be the gentleman who was interested in our trailer.

Feeling tired, we checked our hotel, had a power nap and then returned to old town for more atmosphere absorbing.  Diana had lots of fun in a shop filled with rocks and minerals but managed to keep from buying 200 – 300 pounds worth to take home with us.

Whenever we think of Santa Fe we think of Seret and Sons, an architectural importer-salvage place of awe-inspiring magnitude and variation.  They appear to get most of their objects from India and the Middle East.  Almost everything wooden or stone is carved. There are carved wooden doors, chests, columns and tables in all shapes and sizes.  Carved stone statues of Indian gods are outdoors and inside, too.  There are carved and painted frames for whole rooms and table tops of beautiful inlayed colored stones.  Then there were the marble slabs carved with fish and a beautiful relief design; we could not imagine where to put those if not in huge ponds.  We didn’t even go into the rug room this time.  We gasped at all the iron work in doors, windows and gates. People wander around saying phrases such as,”Where would you put that?”  Obviously people with a lot of money figure it out.  There were pieces with names of buyers and locations all over the US.  We just let our imaginations delight in the whole exuberant inventory.  They don’t allow pictures inside, but Steve managed to take a picture of our car outside by one of the bronze elephants which I believe would be perfect for my garden.

We ate dinner near our hotel at a place recommended in Yelp.  The ratings were accurate, and we went to bed with happy tummies and a whole new bunch of experiences to store away.

In Front of Seret & Sons

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2 Responses to 4/16/2011 – Day 10 – Hyde Memorial State Park to Santa Fe – 10 Miles

  1. Joan says:

    Did you have the french toast at the Hotel St. Francis?

    I am picking up a Camp-Inn in July and am making my way through your posts.

    • chppio says:

      Diana did have the French toast as we recall. Breakfast there was delicious. Thanks for reading our blog!
      Exciting that you’re picking up your teardrop soon. You will love meeting Craig and Cary and seeing the plant. We believe you have made a wise purchase that will give you many years of happy travels. We look forward to reading about your travels when you start a blog of your own. Happy teardrop traveling!

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