4/21/2011 – Day 15 – Oklahoma City to Great Salt Plains State Park – 157.7 Miles

After staying overnight in the “Brickyard” district of Oklahoma City (what we will henceforth refer to as the “soft underbelly” of that city) we made a quick exit to Highway 35 north.  Since Diana had missed out on thrift shop touring in Oklahoma, we made a mutual decision to spend part of today rectifying that situation.

As we drove along we kept looking at towns and exits without feeling any strong desire to check them out until we came to Guthrie.  The blue freeway sign for that exit promised food, lodging, fuel, AND antique shops galore!  Diana’s lopsided smile told me this was the place!  And here she is to regale you with the details!

Guthrie is a beautiful little Victorian town,  They have maintained the downtown and not gone out of business doing it.  Evidently there will be a huge influx of people a few days from now.  I think the occasion is to celebrate the time when Guthrie was the state capitol, until a group from Oklahoma City came one dark night to steal the state seal and made Oklahoma City the state capitol.  Maybe Guthrie should be very happy.  It is beautiful place while OC is just another busy capitol.  

Anyway, I had a great time in antique stores and malls.  The first store we entered was owned and run by a man from California.  He was very nice, and when asked, revealed his 3,000 sq. ft house with land on the golf course cost $260,000.  We have been so favorably impressed with Oklahoma’s beauty and hospitality in the small towns, I can see why he would have moved.  We also met a nice lady, Marge, who  taught me about “Frankoma,” a brand of Oklahoma pottery. I bought two mugs (elephant and donkey) to appreciate in value in my cupboard.  She also told me where to camp and dig for crystals in the Great Salt Plains State Park.  So after a rewarding trip (for me) to a gallery of Oklahoma-created art and a lunch made in the back of the teardrop, we started off for a new side trip to the state park.

Poor Steve has been driving his fingers to the bone.  We got to the state part after registration had closed, but we had called first and our key to a cabin was waiting in the mailbox.  I must explain that we haven’t been camping as much as we intended for three reasons.  One reason is the fear of bad weather.  Everyday the radio says it will rain.  After our early debacle in the rain, we don’t want to get wet.  Secondly we keep taking off for long drives to parts unknown and end up having no place to camp.  Third, we are so used to staying in beautiful state parks, we can’t face pit toilets, dogs barking incessantly and trailers that have been in the park for months or years.  So we stayed in a rustic, fully furnished state cabin for $55.

I must add here that yes, the cabin was rustic, but also contained a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen as well as a flat-screen HDTV with Dish Network.  If I must “rough it,” THIS is the way I prefer!  And check out the view from our cabin window (that’s the lake in the distance).

"Rustic" Cabin View

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2 Responses to 4/21/2011 – Day 15 – Oklahoma City to Great Salt Plains State Park – 157.7 Miles

  1. kit says:

    Just your friendly neighborhood heckler saying: GET IN THE TRAILER!

    There’s nothing a little Tylenol PM can’t handle.

    • chppio says:

      Hey! You’re supposed to treat your parents with respect!! We’ll camp when we’re darn good and ready — and not a second before. Actually, after the next three days it looks like the forecasts will be getting better. With any luck we’ll be back in camping weather by the time we get to Branson. Fingers crossed.

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