5/5/2011 – Day 29 – Robertsville State Park, MO to Paducah, KY – 196.8 Miles

After a tough night for Diana we got up, and broke camp.  By 10:00 we were underway and soon romping through the rolling hills and thick woods in this part of Missouri.  We headed generally southeast and stopped for lunch at Cape Giradeau before crossing over the Mississippi and dropping into Illinois.

The river was brown and surly looking under the bridge.  When we reached the eastern banks the fields for miles were under water.  At one point the water was up on the shoulder of the road we were driving on.  We saw some homes partly submerged, and spotted one car on an access road that was underwater up to the windows.  Since we have had a little experience with flooding (not anywhere near this scale) we have nothing but sympathy and prayers for the people suffering the river’s wrath.

We traveled on through Jonesboro, where the Lincoln-Douglas debate took place, and zipped in and out of Vienna (not Austria!) before reaching Route 24 and multi-lane divided highway.

The Illinois landscape is subtly different from Missouri’s with more open spaces, perhaps due to being settled longer with more time for the woods to be cut down for fuel and farming.  Twice, brightly colored red birds (Cardinals?) flew across the road ahead of us.

We crossed over the huge Ohio river, slipped into Kentucky, and stopped at a motel in Paducah.  Hopefully Diana will be a bit more comfortable tonight with more space and a bed she can easily get in and out of.

Right now, we’re watching the local news filled with stories of flooding and views of the river we just crossed over.  Exciting times here in Paducah, but tonight we’re snug, safe, and high and dry!

About to cross the Mississippi at Cape Giradeau, MO

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3 Responses to 5/5/2011 – Day 29 – Robertsville State Park, MO to Paducah, KY – 196.8 Miles

  1. Billy & Lyn says:

    We have enjoyed reading your postings. What a fantastic trip you are having. Not wanting to rush you but can hardly wait to read more!!!! Have fun.
    Thanks for the nice mention in your post.



    • chppio says:

      Thanks for the complements! We are envious of the way you get to be close to your grandkids and hang out in Florida in the winter too. Keep it up!

      • kit says:

        You haven’t any grandkids of whose proximity you have to be jealous of!

        (That was a very difficult sentence to pull off, and I’m guessing I’ve failed my English teaching mother).

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