5/9/2011 – Day 33 – Nashville, TN – 27.4 Miles

The cold continues its hold on Diana, but when Christa suggested that we visit President Andrew Jackson’s home, The Hermitage, which is just a few minutes away, we decided to give it a try.

“Old Hickory” was the seventh president of the USA, and his home and grounds are still in remarkably good shape.  We enjoyed the many displays of personal items in the visitor’s center, but being able to walk through his home and see it just the way it was when he died in 1845, ugly wallpaper, bedroom furniture, original piano and all was a treat.

One thing I found particularly interesting was that one of Jackson’s slaves, Alfred, lived at The Hermitage longer than anyone, white or black, and worked as a handyman and tour guide for the Ladies’ Hermitage Association when the house opened as a museum. He died in 1901 and his funeral was held in the center hall of the mansion. He had purchased some furniture from the Hermitage at an auction.  When the Association requested the items back, he made a deal.  In return for the items, Alfred was buried in the Hermitage garden, near Jackson’s tomb!

After dinner, we went to a baseball game and watched Ethan and his team play.  Everyone had fun and it was particularly enjoyable to see the pure joy on each child’s face as they approached the plate, bat in hand, dreams of home runs in their heads.

The weather has turned “warm” — OK, Diana says it’s hot — and so far there have been threats of thunderstorms, but that’s all.

At night, the fields and trees outside are filled with squeaks, buzzes, tweets and low rumbles, a kaleidoscope of sounds, most unidentifiable and mysterious.  Very different from home.  I like it!

President Jackson's Front Porch

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1 Response to 5/9/2011 – Day 33 – Nashville, TN – 27.4 Miles

  1. kit says:

    The noises are unidentifiable until they bite you.

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