6/2/2011 – Day 57 – Nazareth, PA to Corning, NY – 197 Miles

If you look at a map, you’ll see that we have made an important change in direction.  We are going north and WEST! 

We left Nazareth after a brief stop so Diana could check out a sale at the Moravian Museum and Craft Store (she bought a few flat –easy traveling– craft items).

The drive took us though rolling hills, some as high as 1,800 feet, and beautiful forests, fields and pastures.  We stopped for lunch at a rest stop and enjoyed pb&j sandwiches alongside the highway.

It was impossible to get a Choice Hotels room in Corning and a lot of the other lodging facilities were also booked.  At first we thought this was due to the weekend and races at Watkins Glen, a few miles away.  We found out later that there is a boom of natural gas speculation going on in the vicinity and most of the rooms are filled with employees of the various companies hoping to score big if New York opens its land to some sort of shale recovery method which sounds a lot like open pit mining to us.  Let’s hope wiser heads prevail — this land is too gorgeous to spoil in such a manner.

We finally found a room at one of the “America’s Best Value” Inns and parked and unhooked the trailer.  When we did, we discovered that somewhere along the day’s drive the electrical cable connecting our Subaru to the trailer had disconnected and it had been dragged along the highway for who knows how many miles.  The result was a connector and cable which had been ground down so bare wires were showing and was totally unusable.  This is the cable which not only carries the running and brake lights, it also controls the electric trailer brakes and charges the trailer’s onboard batter while we drive.

So here it was almost 5:00 in the afternoon and we needed significant repairs before we could move on.  I used my iPhone to search for an RV repair place, and there was only one in a little town about four miles away.  I called the number, got an answer, and described our problem.  They transferred me to a mechanic who said he was through with his day’s work, but if I could get there quickly, he would squeeze me in.  He also said if I didn’t get in today, they were booked for two weeks out!

We quickly hooked the trailer back up and drove to Stateline Camping Center in Lindley, NY.

They had us drive into their shop, and Josh (our mechanic) went to work immediately.  Within 1/2 an hour he was finished and our teardrop was equipped with nicely spliced cable and a better than original connector.  We braced ourselves for the bill and were pleasantly surprised to find the total was $53.00, including parts and labor!

Once again we have had potential disaster turned into an easily manageable situation.  We truly believe Someone is watching over us.

While she was waiting for the repairs, Diana called the Corning Museum of Glass to find out their hours and ticketing procedures.  She found out that they were open until 8:00 in the evening, and like many museums, our admission fee would permit us to go in tonight and tomorrow.  She also was told about their “Make your own glass” feature and made a reservation to do it.

After we returned the teardrop to the motel, we drove to the Corning Museum, bought our tickets and were pleased to find out that Diana could take the class immediately.

It was fun watching her work with the glowing glass and see how the molten material could be manipulated.  Her teacher was a good one and Diana had a lot of fun making her creation.  She’ll tell you more:  I got to use a little gas burner and 3 glass colors to make a pendant.  I started with clear because I like to see through glass for dimension.  Then I added green and opaque cobalt in spirals around the marble-sized clear glass and squashed it flat with tongs.  Now I’m going to take classes when I get home! I love glass art forms the best.  My teacher Jackie was fast-talking and only made positive remarks.  That is a good teacher!  

We spent time afterwards looking at some of the many Steuben, Corning and varied glass art for sale before heading out for dinner and then back to our room.  It was a long, interesting day with many things to be thankful for.  Tomorrow it’s back to the museum to enjoy more glass before we head further north and west.

Diana creates in molten glass.

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