6/13/2011 – Day 68 – Necedah, WI to Kohler, WI – 162.6 Miles

OK, so actually we’re in Sheboygan, but I just liked the name of that town, and it’s only about two miles from here, so forgive my slight geographic fib please!

Back to the morning.  We drove over to Necedah and walked into the Camp Inn showroom.  We met both Craig & Cary, the two founders and masterminds of the company.  They introduced us to their shop manager who listened to our upgrade desires and then scanned our trailer to find out how it had handled six years on the road.

After covering all the normal wear and tear items to be refreshed, I had my heart set on getting the new and improved faucet for our kitchen sink (Yes, our teardrop has a kitchen sink, why wouldn’t it?).  I took a look at one of the new teardrops on the showroom floor and mentioned how great it would be to get not only the better faucet and pump, but also the larger fresh water and gray water holding tanks along with a special electronic gizmo which would let us check to see how much water we had onboard and how full the gray water tank was.  It turned out that the complete upgrade was possible!  Not only that, but they could do it for us in a day or two, in addition to all the other things we asked them to do!

We signed the papers, unloaded and stowed the contents of our kitchen (so they would have easy access to all the compartments), handed them the keys and promised we’d be back on Thursday.

Then with smiles on our faces we drove east toward Sheboygan through small towns, rolling hills, and lots of picture-perfect views of “America’s Dairyland.”  This really is beautiful country with classic glimpses of true agricultural nirvana on every side.

We checked into another motel (Hey, we don’t have a trailer right now!) and made reservations to take the three-hour Kohler Design Center “Industry In Action” factory tour tomorrow morning.  (You can measure our level of commitment by the fact that we must be at the factory by 8:15 tomorrow morning — an unheard-of hour for us!)

Gotta get some sleep now — we have a rendezvous with porcelain, cast-iron and stainless-steel!

Stopped in front of Lick A Dee Splitz for a parting scoop!

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