6/15/2011 – Day 70 – Sheboygan, WI to Mauston, WI – 133.5 Miles

We allowed ourselves to sleep in this morning, in fact we almost missed the motel’s complementary breakfast which ended at 9:00.  However, we did manage to get to the breakfast room in time for coffee and essential nourishment.

We left after breakfast, and while Diana perused the contents of a nearby thrift shop, I gassed up the Subaru and stopped by the Wells Fargo bank to get some cash.

Our ATM card expired on June 12, so I went to the bank to acquire the money in the old-fashioned way — from the teller.  While I explained the situation to the teller, our conversation was overheard by the bank manager and he said they could provide me with a temporary debit card tied to my bank account.  Only some branches have this capability which was probably why I hadn’t been offered this alternative previously.  In minutes I not only had my cash, I had the means to use any ATM along the way to get cash.  Thanks Wells Fargo!

I picked up Diana and we started back toward Necedah.  Today’s trip wasn’t a race back to that town.  Instead, we decided to try stopping at any antique or thrift shop we encountered.  Diana felt that in smaller towns there may be different items available at these establishments, and so we gave it a try.

We had the greatest opportunity in a little town called Princeton (we were also in Harvard today as well — both in Wisconsin, of course).  Diana remembered that when we passed through the town earlier there were several antique shops along the road that called out to her.  I’ll let her tell you what she found. I must say that Wisconsin has the cleanest antique malls and shops I’ve seen. The shops also have more salt-glazed jugs than I’ve ever seen on Antique Roadshow!  Obviously I can only buy small, light things, so I left the pottery in place.  😦  Going out-of-town, always looking for ice cream and “washrooms,” we stopped at “All in Good Taste.”   The shop keeper was really warm and fun.  She stocks the shop with earth-friendly products and good ice-cream, too.  There were products from a company called ”Life is Good” that we imagine would appeal to our son and his wife.  Anyway, we liked the shop and the owner.  Steve promises to stop at lots of thrift shops on the way home.  And, by the way, we are going west. . . . 

I forgot to mention that while yesterday was beautiful, clear and mild, today was overcast, cool and stormy-looking.  As we left Sheboygan it started raining, and to varying degrees the rain continued throughout the day.

About two miles west of Princeton I saw a rock or something about that size on the centerline of the road ahead.  As I passed by I realized it was not a rock, but a snapping turtle making his way across the road.  I had seen turtles in the road twice before on this  trip, but Diana missed them both times.  She missed this one too, but wanted to see for herself, so I stopped and turned around as quickly as possible.  Fortunately traffic was light, and he was still engaged in his journey when we got back to him.  Actually I didn’t realize turtles could move that quickly.  I think he was actually performing less of a walk and more of a turtle sprint because he was covering ground pretty quickly.  I snapped a couple of pictures out the car window before turning around again to get out of the way of a large semi truck bearing down behind me.  Diana was delighted to finally see a turtle, and we were both relieved when he made it safely to the shoulder of the road and back into the grass beyond.  Maybe they should put up a, “Caution, Turtle Crossing,” sign there!

We continued our drive through the soggy countryside, spotting good-sized lakes quite regularly.  I’m beginning to think Wisconsin is the land of 10,000 lakes and not Minnesota.  We’ll have more empirical data when we drive though that state next.

We decided to stay in the same place we stayed before, about 15 miles south of Necedah.  And after an evening of PBS viewing, we turned in, tired, but again happy with the day’s experiences.

Why DOES a turtle cross the road?

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