6/17/2011 – Day 72 – AustIn, MN to Sioux Falls, ND – 223.1 Miles

I awoke early and made sure I was at the locksmith’s establishment shortly after 8:00.  I explained the situation to him, showed him Diana’s keys so he would know what type they were, and waited while he looked at the lock.  While I was speaking with his assistant the locksmith gently told me that one of the keys I had given him opened the galley.  We had a key all the time!

I was chagrined, but delighted that the situation had been resolved.  I made sure they made enough copies of all our keys so that we now have three sets, one for each of us, and a spare to keep in the car.  I could hardly wait to get back to the motel and tell Diana the good news! (Because I love saying it, I kept telling him that one of my keys looked like the right one.  Unfortunately, I’m so bad with keys that I had never been able to open that door with my old key.  Now I do it with authority, and it opens fine.)

Before we left town, which by the way is the home of Spam — the high school team is called the Packers), Diana stopped by a couple of thrift shops recommended by the motel manager.  She did make a couple of small purchases and had fun exploring the treasures.  She had also read an ad in the paper for an estate sale starting today in a town about 30 miles west of Austin.

We drove to the town of Albert Lea and into a nice neighborhood on a golf course.  The house looked nice and the contents were interesting, but unfortunately the street in front of the house was being prepared for paving and we had to leave in a rush.  Actually the quick exit might have saved us from getting carried away.

Later, we stopped in Blue Earth because we had read about a statue the town is famous for.  From blocks away we could see the bright green visage of the Jolly Green Giant smiling from above the surrounding trees.

We parked in front of this paean to frozen vegetables, sashayed through the gift shop, complete with “Ho, Ho, Ho” t-shirts and “Sprout” mugs, and stood at the feet looking up at the 55-foot-tall statue itself.  We were impressed.

We were also impressed with the strategically placed Dairy Queen nearby.  Who knows how high their profits are with all the people streaming in to see the giant!

We started west again, and before we knew it we had crossed into South Dakota.  We stopped at the visitor’s center to pick up a map of our next state before driving on to Sioux Falls where we will spend the night.  Tomorrow we’re heading for the Black Hills!  (W

Steve and his pal the Jolly Green Giant.

e might even camp.)


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2 Responses to 6/17/2011 – Day 72 – AustIn, MN to Sioux Falls, ND – 223.1 Miles

  1. kit says:

    I’m a fan of Minnesota. You ought to feel right at home with all the swedes. 🙂

    It was great Facetiming you! Happy Father’s Day! 😀

    • chppio says:

      The people in Minnesota were very friendly although their accent is not as pronounced as the natives of Wisconsin. You’re right, I did feel right at home.
      I did enjoy our Facetime conversation. It made my Father’s Day complete! Thanks for spending the time with me!

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