4/18/2011 – Day 12 – Santa Fe to Logan – 199.6 Miles

We started the day by jaunting to Hobby Lobby where Diana picked up some beading items, then hooked up the trailer, dropped by the post office (which we had a very hard time finding — our GPS didn’t know where it was) to drop off an important birthday card for a very important person — our daughter-in-law Jacqueline.

After these important items we drove down Highway 285, a wonderful two-lane road to the southeast and connected with I-40 again.  The wind is still blowing in New Mexico, by the way, but fortunately we have had a tail wind most of the time.

At Tucumcari we turned onto Highway 54 and drove northeast to Logan and onward to Ute Lake State Park.  The ranger’s office was closed when we got there, but we found the self check-in kiosk and soon were ensconced in a nice space with a water view.  The wind was still blowing strongly, so we picked a spot where we could face the kitchen away from the wind.  It wasn’t hard to find an appropriate space because the campground was almost completely empty!

After dinner the wind slacked off and we enjoyed watching the stars come out.  New Mexico skies on clear nights are astonishingly full of stars.  I was also surprised at the number of planes crossing the skies and had fun trying to guess where they were headed and where they came from.  Later, as the moon rose, high-flying jets left ghostly contrails glowing in the dark sky.  Beautiful.

We crawled into our teardrop (we must really come up with an official name for our faithful traveling companion – suggestions anyone?) and drifted off to sleep in a very quiet New Mexico campground.

All alone in the campground

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5 Responses to 4/18/2011 – Day 12 – Santa Fe to Logan – 199.6 Miles

  1. Darlene Dickinson says:

    How about calling it “travel buddy”?

  2. chppio says:

    We’ve been thinking about naming it “Sleepy” with a picture of that Disney dwarf, but we dont have anything definite yet.

  3. kit says:

    Gertrude. The Bump. Steely. Terrence the Teardrop? Casa Camino?

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