4/19/2011 – Day 13 – Logan, NM to Canute, OK – 268.4 Miles

After a very restful night, we both woke up around 6:30 — very early for us.  It was a beautiful, clear, calm morning and we got up and walked around a little.  Then Diana decided she would take a walk around the campground while I got things ready for breakfast.  Just as she was leaving, the wind started to blow.  Not a breeze.  Not a zephyr.  Serious, flag-snapping, tree-slapping, screaming like a banshee blowing!  In less than a minute, the temperature dropped 10 – 15 degrees and we quickly made the decision to dive back into the teardrop and pull the covers over our heads!

Some time later — OK, it was nearer to 9:00 — we woke up to discover the wind had stopped and the day was once again calm, clear and balmy.  It should also be mentioned that the few other campers that were here last night had vanished.  We were ALL ALONE in the camp!

We showered (Note: should you find yourself at this campground BEWARE!  The showers are designed to conserve water by spraying lukewarm water at very high, stinging velocity for very short periods of time.  The experience is not conducive to relaxation, comfort or extended, detailed cleanliness.).  Then after a delicious breakfast of leftovers from several restaurant dinners (veggie burrito, re-fried beans and fried potatoes) we broke camp and headed into unknown territory.

In just a few miles we entered Texas.  Interesting, there was a large, brown brick sign in the middle of the freeway bidding us goodbye from New Mexico, and a very small sign on the right side of the road stating, Welcome to Texas — Drive Friendly.

We arrived in Amarillo, stopped to stretch our legs and then pressed onward.  We observed that there are very few rest stops in Texas.  They have “Picnic Areas,” and “Parking Areas,” both without restrooms or any other facilities.  Finally about 20 miles from the Oklahoma border there was a rest stop.  A very nice one with a visitor information office (closed at 5:00 p.m.) and interesting information on Route 66.

Between the restrooms was a small, interior room with no windows.  It was prominently labeled with a sign which read, “Tornado Shelter.”  Note Diana’s reaction in the photo at the bottom of this page.

We continued eastward into Oklahoma and were surprised to find the landscape changing from prairie to greener, agricultural scenes.  We were going to stop at a motel in Elk City, but didn’t like the looks of the motels, and drove on to a KOA campground alongside Route 40 about 10 miles further.  BTW, this is the first KOA we’ve stayed at in more than 35 years!

This is a nice campground, although the sites are very close together and the sound of the highway is about all we can hear.  It will save us some money over a motel stay, and we’ll be on our way easily in the morning.

Goodnight from Canute!

Tornado Phobia Strikes!

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4 Responses to 4/19/2011 – Day 13 – Logan, NM to Canute, OK – 268.4 Miles

  1. Ken Sheridan says:

    You were entering “Tornado Corridor: did you see ang damage? How about fires? According to reports Texas is totally engrossed in fires

    • chppio says:

      No damage so far. Not a sign of fires in Texas either. The forecast ahead is for several days of “thundershowers” ahead, so anything can happen. Did Diana’s picture give you a chuckle?

      Sent from Steve’s iPhone 4

  2. kit says:

    I wonder how they keep transients from moving in…? 😉

    • chppio says:

      No idea. We never saw an official of any kind. Of course we are traveling well before the “official” season — things might be less casual then.

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