4/23/2011 – Day 17 – Lindsborg to Clay Center to Concordia + Clyde – 167.3 Miles

After a peaceful, restful, quiet night in Lindsborg, we awoke to very threatening clouds covering the entire sky, horizon to horizon.  Problem?  Not for the intrepid S&D team!  We were off again, heading north and after a while east to the place where Jacob and Selma Jacobson were married — Clay Center, Kansas.

We easily found the Clay County Museum and Diana was soon busily working with Cathy who was a great source of information.  Cathy managed to locate my grandparent’s marriage certificate and census information.  But it turned out that although the marriage certificate had been obtained in Clay Center, they had actually been married in Clyde, not Clay Center, which is in Cloud county instead of Clay county.

To find out more details we needed to go to Concordia (what’s with all the C’s?) and check out the museum there.  This required driving west again and also north for a total of about an hour.

Turned out the person at that museum had only been there for a couple of weeks and couldn’t help us much.  Fortunately the woman she replaced is now doing genealogy research for a very reasonable hourly rate, and she is going to do some digging for us and report back.

We ate lunch at a local place — Kristie’s Diner — and after lunch we made reservations at a local motel and then returned to the museum to check out a great collection of local items.  While we were inside, it did rain, fairly hard but not for too long.

After checking into our motel, and disconnecting the teardrop, we drove the 15 miles to Clyde to see the actual marriage town.  Clyde is a small, pleasant town with a three block brick paved main street lined with buildings which look 1930ish.  Almost everything was closed, but we did get a chance to stroll around a thrift shop and chat with the owner.

We drove around town, enjoying the variety of home styles and front yard treatments, stopped for a picture of the water tower, and as we were leaving we discovered a very dangerous place (see below).

On the drive back we investigated a stone arch bridge about 100 yards off the road which was built in 1899 and restored in 1991.  The bridge carried all the traffic until a new road was built in 1920.

Back in Concordia we settled into our room for a quiet night.  Tomorrow we start heading east again.  See you then!

Terror awaits the unsuspecting on a calm Clyde residential street

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4 Responses to 4/23/2011 – Day 17 – Lindsborg to Clay Center to Concordia + Clyde – 167.3 Miles

  1. kit says:

    You oughta put a sign on your trailer that says “Caution! Do not use in event of rain!”

    Hee hee! I’ll be here all trip.

    But seriously, I don’t think I know, though I probably should have figured, that so much of your travels would be around genealogy. It’s like you’re doing your own little “Who Do You Think You Are.” I’m just wondering when the European leg starts. 😉

  2. chppio says:

    I think I liked it better BEFORE you started reading our blog! ;-p. Yes, the primary “excuse” for this trip is to gather geneological info on both our families, and to catch the sights along the way. BTW we’re doing our laundry right now in Manhattan — KANSAS!! And we are right across the street from the Kansas State University campus. We are SO cosmopolitan!

    • kit says:

      Laundromat in a college town on a Sunday. Are you playing “spot the hangover?”

      • chppio says:

        Heh, actually all the “kids” in the laundromat appeared to be studying while their clothes were being washed. The ones with hangovers weren’t being productive enough to show their faces yet!

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