4/24/2011 – Day 18 – Concordia to Topeka – 138.6 Miles

Saturday night is quiet in Concordia.  And we awoke to a beautiful, partially blue sky.  Happy Easter to everyone!

While we were getting ready to leave we had the TV tuned to the Weather Channel.  Big thunderstorms and tornado warnings abound to the south and east of us.  We want to get to Branson, MO this week, but with the current storm track it doesn’t seem like we should land there until Wednesday.  We will just have to pace ourselves.

We drove out of Concordia on an almost empty road, and continued south and east.  We backtracked through Clay Center and followed highway 24 through Manhattan to our old friend, I-40.  We decided to take a break in Manhattan to do our laundry.  We used Google Places to find a good-sounding laundromat and pointed the Subaru to “Sud’s Y’r Duds”.  Turned out it was a nice, clean, almost empty spot across the street from the Kansas State University campus.  We loaded up the washers and walked a couple of blocks to the neighborhood Burger King for a couple of BK Veggie sandwiches which we enjoyed while sitting in Sud’s Y’r Duds and reading the Manhattan Sunday paper.

When everything was clean and dry we drove down to I-40 and headed east to Topeka.  I know we’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.  Driving through these states we are constantly finding that our stereotype assumptions of the landscape is completely wrong.  I pictured Kansas looking like Dorothy’s and Toto’s abode — flat, arid and bland.  Today we drove through rolling hills, picturesque little valleys and interesting small mid-America towns.  This is beautiful country, not bleak wasteland!  What a surprise!

Tonight we will stay in Topeka and tomorrow we’ll drive to Kansas City, Missouri.  We will probably hit the tail end of the latest major storm and we will be looking out for any tornado watches.  Or maybe we’ll be watching out for tornados.  Perhaps both.

Good night from the capitol of Kansas!

I called one of my friends from my high school.  We had a reunion last year.  I learned Charisse is a counselor in Kansas City, MO.  She is really a lot of fun and was glad to hear from me.  We are having dinner tomorrow night with Charisse and her daughter.  I’m really looking forward to it!

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1 Response to 4/24/2011 – Day 18 – Concordia to Topeka – 138.6 Miles

  1. kit says:

    Woops! That’s what I get for not reading these in order. An old High School friend! So, since I now know how you know her, why don’t you tell me what kind of interests you have in common?

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