4/25/2011 – Day 19 – Topeka, KS to Kansas City, MO – 68.8 Miles

It’s still raining here.  Fairly hard overnight, but the forecast says the showers should diminish today except for scattered thundershowers and a slight chance of tornados!

We started off east on Highway 70 and 40 and suddenly discovered we were on a toll road.  There was no exit for 14 miles, so we enjoyed driving on a very nice six-lane road with only light traffic.  At the first exit we paid our $1.10 and turned off onto old highway 40 which wends its way through small towns and hilly countryside.

Diana’s friend Charisse had recommended a restaurant in Lawrence — WheatFields — that had good vegetarian food and a bakery, so we stopped by.  The place was great, with excellent coffee and a range of interesting meals.  We opted for an Asiago cheese scone and a lovely cinnamon roll to go with our coffee.  The fresh loaves of bread drew our attention, and we picked up one for us and one for Charisse.  If you’re ever in Lawrence, check it out.  They also have meals to satisfy any of you carnivores out there.  Their Website is:  http://www.wheatfieldsbakery.com

We decided to take a look at the downtown area and enjoyed the interesting mix of shops, antique stores, restaurants and sporting goods emporiums this college town has to offer.  One place in particular, the Blackbird Trading Post, caught Diana’s eye, and we both spent considerable time pouring over their little treasures.  The find of the day was a small marble birdbath with tiny carved doves on the rim that is an exact duplicate of one that a much-younger Diana gave to her mother.  When her mom passed away, it got lost in the shuffle and she has been wanting to replace it ever since.  Now she has.

After our walk around downtown we continued the short drive into Kansas City.  This is a big town and we plan to spend a couple of days enjoying what it has to offer.  In the evening we met up with Charisse and her 17-year-old daughter, Mariah.  We had dinner at a Polish Mexican restaurant, Ponak’s, and enjoyed it tremendously.  Afterward Charisse gave us a quick tour around the town showcasing the different neighborhoods and interesting architectural styles that make up the city.  We liked the tour, but we enjoyed being with Charisse and Mariah even more.  We had a lot of interests and friends in common with them.  Charisse took us by the Shawnee Mission hospital, too.  They have an exciting mobile of stained glass, porcelain and metal in their new lobby.

Tonight we are being serenaded by flashes of lightning and rumbling thunder.  Tomorrow we’ll do more tourist stuff and see what interesting Kansas City experiences we can find.  We’ll report back.  Promise!

WheatFields Baker and some of his tasty wares

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5 Responses to 4/25/2011 – Day 19 – Topeka, KS to Kansas City, MO – 68.8 Miles

  1. kit says:

    Who is Charisse and how do you know her? You know Jakki interviewed at a site in Topeka and spent some time in Kansas City while she was there. I’m sure it’s quite a bit warmer there now that it’s springtime. 🙂

  2. jakki says:

    If you all are still in Kansas City, I recommend The Blue Bird Bistro. Beyond its fun alliterative potential, the place offers sustainable food options. Let me know if you check it out!


  3. chppio says:

    We decided to come here now to avoid some of the heat. We didn’t really expect to find ourselves in weather this wet or this cold. Oh well…

  4. gherie says:

    You’ll have to tell me what kind of food is served at a Mexican Polish Restaurant!

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