4/26/2011 – Day 20 – Kansas City

It rained hard last night, but the rain had stopped by the time we woke up.  We’re staying here in Kansas City one more day to let the thunderstorms, heavy rain and flooding slack off a little bit before we dive down to Branson, Missouri.

Diana and I had seen a PBS program on the Steamboat Arabia which had sunk in Missouri River in 1856.  As the river channel changed over time, the Arabia became buried under the land and lost.  Finally it was found again and when it was uncovered its contents provided a time capsule of what life was like in pre-civil war America.

Turns out the boat was found just a few miles north of Kansas City and now there’s a museum here which contains most of the contents of the Arabia.  So a trip into the past was on today’s agenda.

“The Treasures of the Steamboat Arabia” museum exceeded our expectations.  Seeing the cargo of the Arabia up close gives you a feeling that you are actually in the past.  The range of items includes everything from buttons and beads to axes and cast-iron stoves.  From English china to jars of pickles.  From delicate lace to cognac bottles.  If you can imagine 200 tons of everyday items transported from 155 years in the past and looking as if they just came out of the box or barrel, you’ll have an idea of what the museum holds.  Check out their Website — www.1856.com — and then plan a trip to see it.  We are really glad we did!

After a great mozzarella, tomato and pesto sandwich at a close-by Italian deli, we retired to our quarters for a bit of relaxation.

After work, Charisse picked us up and we spent the rest of the evening at her home and then out to dinner with lively conversation filling our plates.

Tomorrow it’s on to Branson and more delving into things genealogical.

Since we didn’t take many pictures in the museum, or in Kansas City or of Charisse and Diana  :-/  we are providing a shot of Diana sitting on a petrified log taken during our drive through the Petrified Forest.  The log is over 80 feet long and forms a bridge the early tourists used to walk over.

Diana on a petrified log

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  1. gherie says:

    You’re looking skinny!

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