5/6/2011 – Day 30 – Paducah, KY to Nashville, TN – 166.3 Miles

Diana slept better last night, but her cold is still hanging on.  We met another couple from California at breakfast and had a nice chat about the teardrop trailer and gave them a tour before heading out.  Bought gas here in Paducah at an attractive (for now) price of $3.85.9 at a Shell station.

As we drove along Hwy 24 we passed miles and miles of flooded fields, roads and residential areas.  Saw several partially submerged homes and many other threatened ones.  The amount of water in every river and creek we pass over is just astonishing.

We made a brief stop at “Patti’s 1880‘s Settlement” in an area called, “The Land Between The Lakes.”  It proved to be a quaint little town a mile from the shore where a  marina was completely overwhelmed by water and totally inaccessible except by boat.  Although we spent some time browsing an antiques store, we left without enriching the local economy this time.  On the drive to and from the “Settlement,” we saw a stopped convoy of troops who looked like they were waiting to move in and provide assistance to people in the flooded areas we had just passed.

As we came closer to the Nashville metro area, the traffic increased, and we passed Ft. Campbell as the radio was announcing that the president was visiting at the same time.  We scanned the skies, but didn’t catch sight of Air Force One.

We found our motel in Goodlettsville, a Nashville suburb where Aaron & Larisa Raines live and touched bases to let them know we arrived.

Then, after dozing for a while, we drove to Matt and Christa Demaree’s house where we hooked up with them and Aaron & Larisa and their 5-week-old daughter, Mikka as well as Christa & Aarons parents, Arlene and Jim Raines, Jakki’s (our daughter-in-law) aunt and uncle.

We were welcomed like true family, and not the shirt-tail relatives by marriage we actually are.  We ate sandwiches and soup on the back patio of the beautiful home they have, chatted up lots of memories, and took a short walk to the end of their street.  On the walk we learned that the many downed trees in and around the street, as well as their neighbor’s almost completely missing 100-year-old barn were the result of a TORNADO which had passed through their neighborhood just last week!  Fortunately, Matt & Christa and their kids weren’t home at the time, and no one was injured.  Still, the amount of damage this “little” tornado had done was awesome.

After greatly enjoying the company of our adoptive family, we drove back to the motel in the dark, marveling over the power of nature, grateful for the company of such lovely people, and thankful no harm came to them.

Sunlight reflecting off the Gateway Arch south base.

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1 Response to 5/6/2011 – Day 30 – Paducah, KY to Nashville, TN – 166.3 Miles

  1. kit says:

    Man that arch is kind of incredible. It must’ve really been a thing of fiction when it was first built.

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