5/7/2011 – Day 31 – Nashville, TN – 31.3 Miles

Yesterday’s clear skies have turned gray today and according to the Weather Channel there is a 30% chance of showers. we shall see…

Diana still has the drizzles, too, but she is soldiering on gamely.

We met Arlene & Jim at their church in Ridge Top today and enjoyed the fellowship and the services.  Afterward, they invited us to their home for lunch.  Joining us were Aaron & Larisa along with her parents and grandmother.

As we came out of church, the rain had started falling.  We realized that even though we had read the forecast, we had once again left the moonroof and windows open on our trailer.  Consequently, we made a quick 12- mile roundtrip to our motel to keep our teardrop’s interior dry.  We are slow learners, aren’t we?

We enjoyed a delicious lunch followed by more good conversations.  We hung around after everyone else went home and had a grand time discussing the verities which were well seasoned with dashes of Jim’s dry wit.  Finally, we left these dear people who we have grown to know and love because of the love which blossomed between our son and his wife.  We are very fortunate, indeed.

Tomorrow, we may be leaving Nashville, but where will we go next?  You’ll have to find out then.  (So will we!)

Aaron and his mom.

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1 Response to 5/7/2011 – Day 31 – Nashville, TN – 31.3 Miles

  1. kit says:

    They are good, good people. I am happy to have them as my adopted family, and it warms my heart how warmly they welcome you as well. 🙂

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