05/14/2011 – Day 38 – Asheville, NC to Warriors Path State Park, TN – 80.4 Miles

After a rainy night we awoke and departed Asheville.  As we drove north we were dodging very dark rain clouds.  We stopped in Johnson City, TN for lunch and to pick up supplies.  Then, after consulting our maps, we decided to try camping at a park just south of the Virginia state line near Kingsport.

As we pulled out of Johnson City, the sky was even darker ahead of us.  Diana consulted the weather app on our iPhone and found out there was a “severe weather alert” with heavy rain, hail and lightning in our path.  As we continued driving, the light rain became heavier and then a serious downpour descended on us.  Visibility decreased and soon our “freeway speed” was a brisk 20 mph.  Of course the moisture was accompanied by frequent lightning and thunder, but fortunately, no hail.  We took the turnoff for the park and stopped under an overpass until things quieted down.  After the storm passed, the sky was still cloudy, but had patches of blue scattered into the mix.

Warriors Path State Park is situated on the shores of Patrick Henry Reservoir on the Holston River.  In addition to the campground, there is a “Boundless Playground,” a golf course, a frisbee golf course, excellent biking and hiking trails, and picnic areas.

Although the campground was fairly full, we had our choice of several nice spots and selected “B29” which I thought sounded good, too.

We set up camp and had dinner.  A little later the rain came down again, so we watched an episode of “Antiques Roadshow” while sitting in the Subaru before retiring to our cozy teardrop for the night.  Tomorrow it’s on to Breaks, VA.

Space B-29, Warriors Path State Park, Kingsport, TN

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1 Response to 05/14/2011 – Day 38 – Asheville, NC to Warriors Path State Park, TN – 80.4 Miles

  1. kit says:

    What app do you have to watch Antiques Roadshow on?

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