05/15/2011 – Day 39 – Warriors Path State Park, TN to Breaks, VA – 103 Miles

We were pelted by rain several times during the night, but it had stopped by the time we crawled out of our teardrop and had breakfast.  After getting the trailer ready to go, we drove around the park and liked what we saw.  The water and docking facilities are excellent, and the disc golf course was quite tempting.

Resisting the temptation, we returned to our campsite, hooked up and headed for Virginia.

The road twisted and turned as we drove north.  It also had some pretty good climbs as we worked our way into the Appalachians.  We stayed on Highway 23 until we got to Pound.  Then we turned off onto SR 83 and headed northeast toward Breaks Interstate Park.  We stopped for lunch at a combination CitGo gas station and Subway sandwich shop, near Pound.  The girl who made our sandwiches confirmed our route and soon we headed down a smaller road which was even more twisty.  We saw big trucks overflowing with coal, and trains filled with dozens of cars filled with coal, as well.

Soon we reached the familiar entrance to the park (we had been here in 2006), drove to small town of Breaks, and managed to find our host’s home with no trouble.

We were greeted by Ernest and Shirley Raines — our daughter-in-law’s grandparents — and they welcomed us warmly.  We were Christmas guests here at a family gathering five years ago and we feel like we never left.  Ernest just turned 90, and Shirley is “in the neighborhood” so it was wonderful to see them again.

We chatted and got reacquainted.  Soon their son David appeared and Ernest indicated it was time for a walk.

David drove the three of us to the park where we tried to keep up with Ernest as he strolled along, up steps and off sidewalks, enjoying the spectacular views of what is known as “the Grand Canyon of the South.”

We returned to the Raines’ house, had more good conversation, and then drove back to the park for dinner with David, his wife Susan, and their fresh-home-from-college son, Holden.

Diana and I feel so much a part of this warm, friendly, loving family.  And we feel quite fortunate because of it.  The dinner was great, the company was terrific, and we are looking forward to a day or two more to enjoy the company of this wonderful family.

Goodnight from Breaks!

Family Dinner At The Breaks Interstate Park

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2 Responses to 05/15/2011 – Day 39 – Warriors Path State Park, TN to Breaks, VA – 103 Miles

  1. jakki says:

    so pleased that you’re able to spend time with some of my family. please give an extra big kiss to Mamaw and and a bear hug to Papaw.

  2. chppio says:

    We are pleased that we can spend time with them, too! You have a wonderful family and we love being “adopted” into it! And BTW, both of your requests were delivered fully and both Mamaw and Papaw were delighted to know who sent them!

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