05/16/2011 – Day 40 – Raines Homestead, Breaks, VA

Forty days on the road, and we’re waking up fashionably late today for a special breakfast complements of Ernest and Shirley Raines, AKA Mamaw & Papaw (according to reliable sources).  We were given the “loft” which is built above the garage and separate from the house.  So when we entered their home, we were greeted by wonderful aromas and much bustling in the kitchen area.

Soon we were dining on Shirley’s special Sunday breakfast delights — pancakes made with a super-duper waffle batter.  They were rich, and fluffy and chock full of pecans.  YUM!  Then the piéce de résistance: Apples à la Ernest!  He peels and cooks the apples until they are tender and delicious and can be spooned over the aforementioned pancakes to give your tongue a great combination of sweet, tart, creamy, rich and crunchy.

Needless to say, we were unanimous in our appreciation for and rapid dispatch of, these delectable delights.  Many thanks and our complements to the chefs!

After breakfast and cleanup, we chatted a while and then were able to help out a little by taking Shirley to a doctor’s appointment in Grundy — a town about 12 miles away.

This is a town with a very interesting story — it has actually been moved to avoid flooding which has been a very real threat over the years.  You can read more about it here:  http://appvoices.org/2007/04/25/2911/

After Shirley’s appointment and a quick stop for a prescription, she took Diana and me to lunch at Bellacino’s.  This establishment creates delicious grinders.  These are big subway sandwiches which are toasted and stuffed with goodies.  This place is one of Shirley’s favorite eateries, and now we know why.

Returning to Breaks through intermittent rain (our constant companion since we arrived), we rested, talked, snacked, read and watched TV until it was time for sleep.  We  have lots of interesting conversations with Ernest and Shirley.  They’ve got loads of stories to tell from life in the Breaks, to life in Stalag 17 where he was imprisoned in WWII, to how they met and fell in love and then raised their four children.  Being with Ernest and Shirley are why we came to the Breaks–not the beautiful scenery or the weather–and being with them is wonderful!

We did have one bit of excitement.  A home which is still under construction across the street and down a couple of lots caught fire.  This brought out the fire department for an extended length of time as they sought out the source of the flames and made sure every bit was snuffed out.  We later learned that Susan had discovered and reported the fire on her way home from work.  Good job!

And good night!

"The Towers" - A distinctive, rocky formation in The Breaks Interstate Park

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1 Response to 05/16/2011 – Day 40 – Raines Homestead, Breaks, VA

  1. kit says:

    Love that place and those people.

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