05/19/2011 – Day 43 – Salem, VA to Frisco Campground, NC – 420.2 Miles

Today we decided we were going to see the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s been more than six weeks folks, and it’s time.  So we were up fairly early for us, and heading east.

We past through many interesting places, but didn’t stop except in Waverly, Virginia where we succumbed to the lure of the Adams Peanuts store along the General Mahone Highway.  Peanuts?  This place had every kind of peanut you could think of.  Cooked up in a surprisingly wide range of ways, roasted, fried, double-dipped in chocolate, dry-roasted, toffee covered, salted-in-the-shell, raw, and boiled.  We also discovered a “delicacy” which must be unique to the south because we had never heard of it.  And quite frankly, we kinda wish we hadn’t.  Check out the picture at the bottom of this blog to discover what it was.

We skirted the southern edges of Norfolk and Portsmouth and Chesapeake, passed through Hickory and Barco (!) and CoinJock, and finally, just south of Harbinger, we made a big left turn, drove up and over the Wright Memorial bridge and turned right onto Highway 12 on the Outer Banks!

We passed Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills, drove through the touristy offerings of Nags Head, and south of Whalebone Junction we stopped at the Oregon Inlet campground.  We spoke with the helpful ranger there and decided to press on further south to Frisco Campground just beyond Buxton.  The AAA book said Oregon campground lacked shade.  It is flat grass, more like a KOA than we like.

The Frisco campground was probably 20% full, and we had our pick of many nice sites, but we opted for space C-2 on a little rise with a sand dune beside it and several pine trees surrounding it.  Later we discovered our site is one of the biggest.  We even have a table hidden by trees and a short path.  We set up camp, fixed supper, and enjoyed the sound of the sea.

After over 5,300 miles and more than six weeks, we have reached the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and the Atlantic Ocean.  Woo Hoo!!  (Stay tuned, there’s more to come!)

We're not in California any more...

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2 Responses to 05/19/2011 – Day 43 – Salem, VA to Frisco Campground, NC – 420.2 Miles

  1. kit says:

    Delicious! I have, unfortunately, heard of this delicacy.

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