05/20/2011 – Day 44 – In And Around Frisco Campground, NC – 12.1 Miles

We rested well in our cozy home-away-from-home, courtesy of Camp-Inn.  If you like our little teardrop trailer, take a look at the builder’s Website – www.tinycamper.com – and see all of their excellent offerings.  We have had this trailer for over six years now, and couldn’t be happier with the comfort, convenience and reliability it provides.  (The previous product endorsement  was provided without benefit of compensation — except for the pleasure we have had through direct experience!)

We lounged around our campsite after breakfast, and then drove to the campground entrance, and hiked down a short boardwalk and over the dunes to the ocean.  Diana wandered the beach looking for shells while I enjoyed the easy set up of our dandy, new “Lightspeed” beach shelter and relished the shade it provided.

After sufficient beachcombing, we did a pb&j lunch and then drove the short distance to Hatteras where we investigated the contents of the Graveyard of the Atlantic museum.  There was interesting information on Blackbeard and his nasty antics in the area as well as items recovered from the wreck of his ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge.  Along with fully revealed items like coins, pistols and bits of gold, they are still removing the encrustations from other things like cannonballs, and rigging from the ship itself.

There was also photos and descriptions of Billy Mitchell’s famous demonstration of air power which took place off of Hatteras.  His ability to destroy battleships with aircraft changed the future of war, and clearly set the stage for the creation of the air force as a separate branch of the services.

After all this serious data acquisition, we returned to our campground retreat for another night filled with bird song, a star-bejeweled sky, and the sweet lullaby of the Atlantic whispering in our ears.

Frisco Campsite With New Canopy

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2 Responses to 05/20/2011 – Day 44 – In And Around Frisco Campground, NC – 12.1 Miles

  1. kit says:

    Fancy new canopy! Did you take my advice and take the broken one back to REI? 😉

    • chppio says:

      Unfortunately, the thunderstorm destructed canopy wasn’t from REI — I got it on Amazon. So we gave the “scrap” aluminum to one of the park staff who had helped us. He was going to take it to recycle, so it went to a good cause.

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