5/27-28/2001 – Days 51 & 52 – Frederick, MD to Washington, DC & Back + – 57.2 Miles

5/27 – Day 51

We were up early and on our way to the Shady Grove Metro Station, taking the Metro into downtown Washington, DC for a whirlwind visit to the Smithsonian.  Diana and I got to the station just fine, and with a lot of help from a friendly Metro employee, we were soon on our way to our nation’s capitol.

Emerging from the Metro station, we found ourselves on the Capitol Mall on a very hot Friday morning with many other people.  Diana decided to check out the Natural History and American History Museums, while I headed for the National Air & Space Museum.

We both enjoyed ourselves — Diana with a range of interesting items ranging from the Hope Diamond to a special Abraham Lincoln exhibit.  I gazed on historic aircraft from the original Wright Flyer, through The Spirit of St. Louis and Spaceship One.  I even got to touch a real moon rock!

We spent the whole day being dazzled and returned to Frederick with enough memories of national treasures to last a lifetime.  I don’t agree with that–I’m always in line for treasure!

5/27 – Day 51

Today we went to church with Liesel & Mike and his parents.  Afterwards we dined at a Greek restaurant and enjoyed a make-it-yourself frozen yogurt special before returning to home base.

In the evening, while I was online checking our credit card billings over the past few weeks, I discovered some charges I didn’t recognize.  It turns out they were fraudulent and we had to cancel that card.  Since this was the card I pay all our bills with, I spent most of the evening updating all my accounts with a new (and still valid) credit card.  I could think of several activities which would have been more fun.  No, make that several hundred.

We ended the evening with a rollicking session of Liar’s Dice, much hilarity, and good fun.

The Air & Space Museum Main Lobby

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