5/29/2001 – Day 53 – Frederick, MD

Today was a special day for me (Steve).  Since the mid-1950’s I have been following the Indianapolis 500 race, first on radio and later on television.  So fortunately, I was in close proximity to a big screen TV and graced with an understanding spouse who watched with me and periodically brought me food and drink as well.  Life is good!

When the race was about half over, Diana and Liesel excused themselves and took off on an expedition much better described by Diana.  Liesel is an expert seamstress.  She makes beautiful purses and quilts and dresses so she had to take advantage of a fabric sale.  She even ended up repairing one of my favorite camping blouses, too.  Her grandmother Fran sent her serger sewing machine to Liesel as as surprise, so she really can do all that sewing stuff!  Anyway we had fun shopping together.

In the evening after the race, Mike’s Brother Mark and his wife Elena joined us for a lovely dinner featuring pierogis (sp?) and chopped salad created by Elena and veggie dogs and burgers with all the fixin’s, potato salad, macaroni salad, finished off with bundt cake nestled in fresh strawberries and ice cream — everything except the hot dogs made from scratch by Joanne.  Absolutely delicious!  (We just brought our appetite!)

Doug & Joanne have a wonderful home located in thick woods near Frederick.  They have designed and installed a unique geothermal pond which stores heat from their house in the summer and returns it in the winter.  It also performs the reverse function to cool their home in the summer.  It’s just part of their plan to reduce utility bills and achieve as much energy independence as possible.  Sounds like a good idea to us.

Tomorrow Mike & Liesel are taking us somewhere special.  Stay tuned.

The Tavenner's Geothermal Pond


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