5/30/2011 – Day 54 – Frederick, MD to Gettysburg, PA and Return

Today was Memorial Day.  Mike & Liesel took us about 35 miles up the road into Pennsylvania to the Gettysburg National Military Park.  They wanted to show us this famous Civil War battlefield, but because the temperatures were predicted to reach the upper 90’s with high humidity, none of us felt like walking around in the heat.

Fortunately, young Mr. & Mrs. Tavenner had an audio CD which provided us with an excellent tour guide and content timed to match our driving times to the various key locations and events of the battle.

Seeing the locations, the geography, the numerous memorials and statues and hearing a vivid description of what took place over those three days in 1863 really made the events come alive.

Taking this journey back in time on this special day of remembrance was a deeply moving experience.  So many lives on both sides were lost or changed forever on this battlefield.  The outcome decided the war and determined that our states would remain united.  Lincoln delivered that short address which echoes down the years with fresh and intense meaning.

Thanks to Mike & Liesel we had the opportunity to experience something memorable, and we thank them for doing this for us.  On this trip we have had highs and lows.  Nothing else has moved me as deeply.

When we returned to Frederick, we rested for a while and then drove a few miles for dinner with Gherie & Michael Gutierrez, friends from home, who are doing some traveling of their own.  They are guests at the home of their daughter’s good friend.  We also discovered to our surprise that their host and her husband are also friends of Mike & Liesel’s.  If only we had known, we would have brought them along!

After dinner we returned to Frederick and began preparing for our departure tomorrow.  The hospitality here has been grand, and it’s going to be difficult leaving, but the road, and more adventure, is out there waiting for us!

On Little Round Top With Devil's Den Behind

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