5/31/2011 – Day 55 – Frederick, MD to Hershey, PA and Beyond – 163 Miles

We were on the road by 10:00 a.m. with Liesel and Finley there to see us off.  After a little over an hour driving north, we reached our destination: Hershey, PA!

Soon Diana and I were riding through the chocolate factory simulation which was enjoyable, especially the free chocolate at the end.  We wandered through all the purchasing opportunities with every imaginable article of clothing, toy or souvenir somehow related to Hershey products available along with copious amounts of candy heaped up on every side.

We did find a food court with a nice variety of tasty items and decided to have lunch.  Then we returned to the entrance so we could sign up for a “Make It Yourself” candy bar.  We were given hair nets and aprons, our hands were sanitized, and then we were escorted into a special mini computer-controlled candy factory.   At data screens we answered questions about what kind of chocolate and fillings we wanted in our candy bar.  Then we watched as our particular creation moved down an assembly line with various ingredients automatically added along the way.  The finished morsel was then drenched in a gooey flow of liquid chocolate (my favorite part), and while it was cooling we used more computer stations to design our very own candy bar label.  Finally our finished bars were packaged, sealed and delivered to the end of the machine where an attendant installed our unique labels and presented us with the finished product.  The lady who handed us our labels admired Diana’s and said that she is very creative.  Tasty creativity — what more could one ask?

We left the Hershey grounds, drove past the big Hershey-themed amusement park and through the city of Hershey itself, complete with street lights shaped like Hershey kisses.  If Disney had been a candy maker, this is what his place would have looked like!

We drove on to Allentown before pulling into a motel.  In the evening we sampled our customized candy bars and declared them worthy of our efforts.  Tomorrow a new month and more good things await!

All Dressed Up And Ready To Make Custom Candy Bars!

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2 Responses to 5/31/2011 – Day 55 – Frederick, MD to Hershey, PA and Beyond – 163 Miles

  1. jakki says:

    was JG too busy when you were in Hershey? i hope you beamed him air hugs. where are the photos of your custom chocolate bars?!

    • chppio says:

      JG was off in Seattle attending a conference and a U2 concert. Really sorry we missed seeing him. We’ve got candy bar pictures — they will be in the gallery when I finally start posting more pics. Thanks for asking!

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